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Extranet API 2.0

Extranet API Connect Solution for NSE Members

NSE FTP alternate solution for stock brokers
X-connect alternative  |  Greeksoft Extranet API Alternative

Copy file between a local computer and NSE Server using Extranet API

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Why APIdoctor?

Exchange currently provides Extranet facility to members to access common and member specific data via Lease Lines (IP address for IP enabled users) and internet users ( using member specific login or guest login credentials. Apart from the above, access is also available via Extranet folder in Member Portal. Access to Extranet for internet users via Internet FTP ( and usage of Guest login credentials (for lease line and internet ftp) is planned to be discontinued. And access of Extranet folders via Member Portal shall continue to be available.


Download our Desktop application (EXE)


Install directly on your machine.


Access all NSE files (Common files and Member Files)


Simple User Interface. Easy to understand for any individual


Desktop application (EXE version) is more secure than any other web application


Direct from NSE Server to your Computer. No any other external machines involved.


Segments included CM, FO, CD, CO, SLB, MFSS, DEBT, WDM


Search accross the data 


Login directly via NSE credentials

Get a Callback



Monthly Subscription


First time installation - ₹5000/-

Per User, Per Month, Per ID

(1 ID works for a single device only)

Quarterly Billing

For Bulk order Contact us on 


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APIdoctor is the enhanced NSE extranet API solutions for stock brokers as NSE Extranet API services discontinued

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Introducing APIdoctor - the ultimate solution for NSE members looking for a reliable Extranet API Connect alternative! Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple platforms to access common and member-specific data from NSE servers. APIdoctor is here to simplify your experience with its cutting-edge Extranet API 2.0. Our innovative solution allows you to easily copy files between your local computer and NSE servers, all with a simple and intuitive user interface. No more dealing with the complexities of other web applications - APIdoctor's desktop application (EXE version) is more secure and efficient than ever before. You can access all the files you need with just one subscription. Don't wait any longer to revolutionize your NSE member experience. Download APIdoctor today and discover why it's the best Extranet API Connect alternative on the market.

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