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 Brokers Gateway To Real-Time Market Data 

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The Algo IQ Feed Server is an essential tool designed for obtaining real-time exchange rate information through a dedicated leased line. Its core function is to efficiently collect data from the Exchange and translate it into a user-friendly format, enabling a wide range of trading-related activities.

Why Algo IQ Feeds Server?

Get Real time data, Real quick:

It's all about speed. Our Feed Server Quickly translate binary data of Exchange  into a format Thats easy on the eyes and Upto the second.

Data Delivered Your Way:

We've got all the data fields you need, from LTP to volume and everything in between. it's a buffet of market intel.

Handle multiple segment:

Whether you are in Future and Options, cash market, or currency derivatives, we've got you covered.

User Friendly Interface:

One click and you're in. save your login details and breeze through the login process.

Settings Designed For You:

Customize settings to match your trading style -  from broadcast preferences to database connections and settlement options.

Features at Glance

  • Stay Organized with Logs: Keep your Database tidy by managing and clearing old and current logs Hassle free.

  • Seamless Integration with RMS: Link Up live rates effortlessly with your risk management software for smarter trades.

  • Simple Feed Conversion: Converts raw packets into readable data feeds without breaking a sweat.

Pricing that fits you!

First Time Installation Charges

₹1,20,000/- +GST

Monthly Charges per Segment

₹10,000/- +GST

- No Monthly Maintenance Charges for First Year
- Monthly Maintenance Charges From 2nd Year -
Rs. 10,000/- per segment
16.66% Discount will be given on Annual payments
   (Pay for 10 Months & Get 2 Months Free)

Connect Us On:   Mobile No : +91 8657428371  Email - [email protected]

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