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Drop copy NSE - Fix drop copy solution for NSE and BSE

Dicto - Dropcopy Solution
For Brokers

Get real-time trade data from exchange with our reliable and secured solution

Real time fix drop copy solution and services for NSE and BSE

Is your notis
tool stopped working?

Are you looking for real-time drop copy solution?

Algo's Drop Copy feature can be accessed in the Capital Market, Futures and Options, as well as Currency Derivatives segments on the NSE Exchange.

File Writing Plugin

This versatile plugin empowers you to save trade data in a file, enabling convenient storage for subsequent analysis

SQL Integration Plugins

These specialized plugins facilitate seamless insertion of trade data into an SQL database, streamlining the querying process

Custom Trade Processing Modules

These adaptable plugins enable you to execute personalized trade processing functions, such as profit and loss calculations.

Algo offers two versions of Dropcopy

Dropcopy Basic

  • Dropcopy Basic has been specifically crafted to retrieve trade data from the exchange and store it in a standardized text file format. 

  • This enables users to seamlessly incorporate the trade data into their Risk Management System (RMS) software or any other application, tailored to their unique requirements.

Dropcopy Prime

Dropcopy Prime is an enhanced version of Dropcopy Basic, offering users the ability to directly save trade data in an SQL database table.

Drop copy NSE - Fix drop copy solution for NSE and BSE


DropCopy Basic

For Pricing Enquiries
Please Reach Out to
Mobile :

+91 8657428380
E-mail : [email protected]

DropCopy Prime

For Pricing Enquiries
Please Reach Out to
Mobile :

+91 8657428380
E-mail : [email protected]

that make a difference

  • 100% Reliable and Secured

  • Advantage of Realtime Trade data

  • Flexible Scalability, meeting your unique trading needs effortlessly.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Enjoy premium features without the premium cost

  • Corporate Hierarchy: Simplify management through user hierarchy features within the NEAT system.

Why us?

  • NSE : Access the most current trade data from exchange instantly.

  • Effortless Data Management : Easily store your trade data in files or SQL

  • Custom Trade Processing : Personalize your trade processing tasks to fit your specific requirements.

  • Supported by a team of experienced engineers for unwavering reliability and security. Your success is our primary focus.

Some other Features

  • Seamlessly integrate with TalkOffice (RMS) via an add-on.

  • Convert trading data into CSV or TXT file formats.

  • Enable real-time trade replication and execution.

  • Implement real-time reverse trade functionality.

  • Execute trades in real-time with customizable quantity ratios.

  • Provide real-time trade execution for multiple clients.

  • Facilitate real-time square-off trade execution for multiple clients.

  • Display trade data in custom formats suitable for analysis and reporting.

  • Offer client-specific trade data in CSV/TXT formats.

  • Provide group-specific trade data in CSV/TXT formats.

  • Deliver scrip-specific trade data in CSV/TXT formats.

  • Make segment-specific trade data available in CSV/TXT formats.

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