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The NSE Clearing Management System

What is NCMS?

The NSE Clearing Management System (NCMS) is a desktop application used by clearing members for online management of client codes, CP codes, and PAN details. It allows for modifications during market hours through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, members can access order and OTR information, view settlement timings, and confirm OTR status.

Why Choose Our NCMS API Application?


Simplified Trade Data Viewing

Access two reports, (F1) for CM trades and (F6) for combined CM and TM trades, for a clear view of your populated data.


Automated Give-up Management

  • Download Giveup files (txt) automatically based on your defined schedule using the Auto Download tab.

  • Upload Giveup files with the Auto Upload tab, featuring scheduling options and trade consolidation (after 3:30 PM).


Customized File Management

Specify a dedicated path for uploading daily contract security files.


Flexible CP Code Modification

  • Utilize the Auto CP Modification option for automated updates using back-office generated files (specific format required).

  • Employ the Manual CP Code Modification option for any errors requiring individual attention.

Seamless Transition

Our application ensures a smooth migration from the soon-to-be-discontinued NCMS EXE.

Efficiency and Automation

Automate Giveup downloads and uploads, and CP code modifications for increased efficiency.

Key Benefits

Flexibility and Control

Our intuitive design simplifies NCMS management, saving you valuable time and effort.

User-friendly Interface

Schedule data downloads and uploads to fit your workflow, and utilize manual options for precise control.

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NCMS API Pricing

First-Time Integration Charges


₹ 2,40,000/-


Maintenance Charges
(Quarterly Basis)


₹ 60,000/-


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