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Sit back at home & purchase Digital Gold.

Convert into physical gold whenever you need.

Digital Gold

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What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a method of investing and buying gold without literally holding the gold yourself. Using our online app, buyers can easily purchase gold in amounts they require and build up their gold holdings without visiting any store. The gold will be secured in a vault where you are free to sell or convert it into physical gold at your convenience. 

With Digital-gold App, you can buy digital gold for as low an investment amount as Re.1 from the comfort of your home without worrying about its quality, safety, and storage. The purchased gold online would be 24K genuine with 999 purity. The purchase made would be 100% safe and insured. 

Why Digital Gold?

Trust and safety: Unlike physical gold, you don’t need to get worried about any kind of theft or expensive lockers.

Easy to purchase: You can easily buy gold online through your phone at one click in a seamless process.

Sell anytime: You can sell your gold digitally by yourself to the platform whenever you want without any deduction.

100% transparency: With ‘Digital-gold App” There is complete transparency. 

No paperwork: With one click seamless buying process there is no need for any paperwork while purchasing gold online.

Benefits of buying Digital Gold with “Digital Gold App”:
Super affordable

Digital gold is super affordable. The best part about buying gold online is that you can purchase it with a minimum of re. 1 which is not possible if you buy it physically. It also eliminates the cost of making charges which you have to pay while designing any form of jewelry

Safe and secure

While purchasing physical gold you have to deal with the hassle of its safety and security which ends up costing you several additional charges. Digital gold on the counterpart is 100% safe and secure in the word-class vault with no risk of loss or theft

Liquidity and versatility

Another great advantage of holding your possessions in digital gold is that you can sell your gold anytime and anywhere you want. The process of selling and purchasing can be easily done in just a few clicks online.


The digital gold price is the same across India, therefore you can buy and sell gold online at the market-linked rates with each quality of gold purchased backed by the actual physical gold.

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