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Mutual Fund Platform

Enjoy seamless web based

Mutual Fund brokerage experience

with our Mutual Fund Platform!

Mutual Fund Platform by ALGOIQ

Mutual Fund Platform by AlgoIQ is a dedicated web-based platform for our stock broking clients that allows their customers to buy & control direct mutual funds online. We are expertise in providing the best financial solutions to stockbrokers.


Many brokerage firms have achieved a milestone by implementing a web-based platform for their customers. The web-based platform gives a seamless experience to customers. Thus, attracting them towards the stockbroking firm. So, stockbrokers and stock brokerage firms need to introduce a web-based platform for their customers. It will not only ease the operations of brokerage firms but also increases the customer base.

With ALGOIQ's online mutual fund platform, you can provide a direct mutual fund platform to your customers so that your customers can invest in mutual funds at any time, anywhere. Therefore to fulfill the technology needs of mutual fund brokers, we are here with an online Mutual fund platform. AlgoIQ provides you the solution for a Website/Mobile App to let your customers invest in Mutual Funds online.

Features of AlgoIQ Mutual Fund Platform


User Interface









Systematic Transfer

 Plan (STP)

Systematic Withdrawal

Plan (SWP)

Asset Under Management (AUM)



New Fund

Offer (NFO)

Multiple Mutual Fund


Regular Mutual Fund



Investment Plans 

Wealth Gain


Instant Mutual Fund account opening

Invest, Modify or Pause

SIPs anytime

Instant payments

through UPI

Investment Option:

SIP/Lump sum

Track holdings sector-wise OR

on the weights of underlying securities

Provide e-Mandate for SIPs

for automated fund transfer

Supported on Android or iOS

Supported on any web browser

Option to invest in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes) funds to save taxes under section 80C

What advantages you can give to your customers with AlgoIQ's Mutual Fund Platform?
  • A dedicated direct mutual fund investment platform

  • Invest in direct mutual funds of 40+ AMCs 

  • SIP or lump sum investment mode available 

  • Your customers can get higher returns by investing in direct mutual funds.

  • Start, pause or stop SIPs online anytime and whenever your customer wants

  • Customers can View stocks and mutual funds on a single portfolio.

  • Purchase or redeem funds based on the NAV level set by you 

  • A consolidated statement including visualizations, P&L, and more 

  • Access to multiple direct mutual funds from different AMCs in a single account

  • Available for Android and iPhone users

  • Your customers can sell or redeem mutual funds in Zerodha Coin online at any point in time. The one-click online redemption is easy, hassle-free, and fastest.


Why you should choose AlgoIQ’s Mutual Fund Platform?

Easy navigation, search, and filtering options to find a suitable scheme to invest 
See each plan's details, fund's performance, details of the fund manager and asset allocations
Invest directly in the mutual funds using SIP or Lump sum
investing (1).png
See the holdings of Lump sum & SIP investments
Estimate your returns before investing through SIP Calculator and Lump sum Calculator
Track portfolio's performance daily using the investment dashboard
dashboard (1).png
Get the benefits of online payments like net banking, debit card & see real-time order status from the exchanges
Help your customers to invest in a range of funds depending on their financial goals and risk appetite
presentation (1).png
Provide direct mutual funds which gives additional earning of 1% to 1.5% per year to your customers as per AMC guidelines
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