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Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)

Need to digitize paper documents?

Just sit back and watch our Algo-OCR software do its magic!

OCR Tool of AlgoIQ


Our OCR tool will automatically scan your document for recognizable text within images. You can even use camera of your phone to take a picture of your document or upload a photo to process, which would then recognize the text within the image file, and convert your photo into the form or into the text file.

What output AlgoIQ-OCR gives you?


Just upload the front and backside image of your AADHAR card and the front side image of the PAN card, just sit back and relax we will scan the image and convert the image content into text for you. Our module can be customized as per your choice. The AlgoIQ-OCR software takes JPG, PNG, or PDF documents as input and converts them into text. Your data is safe with us, our customer information safety is our strict privacy policy.​​

How AlgoIQ-OCR works?

OCR is the process of scanning, analyzing, and translating a picture that contains text into actual editable text.

The extracted text comes in a TXT or machine-readable file.

OCR usually uses an algorithm for feature detection that defines characters by assessing their lines and strokes.

Alternatively, the algorithm proceeds into pattern recognition by identifying entire characters.​​

Features of Algo-IQ OCR
  • Size analysis

  • Image cropping

  • Aadhar masking

  • Accuracy & Efficiency

  • Pan OCR- Identity check

  • Aadhar OCR-Identity check 1 side

  • Aadhar 2 side OCR and Address proof

  • Instant Customer Identification for KYC

  • Can be customized based as per your business requirement

  • Optimum solution for data digitization and document processing

  • Accurately Identify Customers for KYC by just Scanning the documents

  • Allows user to Extracts relevant meta data from scanned documents and images

  • Reduced operational cost associated with processing and digitization of documents

  • Provides an economical time efficient alternative to manual paper-formatted data

  • Help to create and sustain an edge over document processing and digitization

Benefits of Algo-IQ OCR 


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Cost saving


Paper Backups  To Bytes



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