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Web Trading

Experience advanced trading with our browser-based platform.

Web Trading/IBT Trading


Trading Platform provided by ALGOIQ team is a browser (Internet) Based Trading Platform (IBT) that runs on any connected device. i.e. mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops (running on any operating system).

Features of Internet Based Trading Platform (IBT) by AlgoIQ team:

  • Real-time Charting 

  • Custom watch lists to track your stock portfolio easily.

  • This is a great platform if you are a beginner in stock market.

  • The portfolio shows all open and closed positions, 

  • Provides a real-time profit and loss, 

  • Shows buying power statistics and complete order history. 

  • Intraday and daily tick by tick real-time charting. 

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Why you should choose AlgoIQ Internet Based Trading platform?

  • Speed - Superior speed that enables fast and easy trade execution.

  •  Compatible – Trade on any browser, any operating system

  •  Monitoring - Monitor the market with real-time data and track your portfolios.

  •  Consolidated View - Sleek visualization of your portfolio, positions, and holdings across all investment product

  •  Advanced Charts - Advanced charting tools with real-time ticks to track stock trends

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