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Electronic KYC (e-KYC)

Electronic KYC (e-KYC)

e-KYC is the online process for KYC which eliminates the need for filling up physical forms and submission of physical documents. In India, Electronic Know Your Customer( e-KYC) is a process wherein the customer's identity and address are verified electronically through AADHAR authentication, any time anywhere. The main objective of e-KYC is to register the customer with the minimum amount of paperwork and in the shortest possible time. 


EKYC is a quick and easy way to open your trading account online in which you just need to fill in the one-time Know Your Customer (KYC) form. To make this process fast, AlgoIQ allows you to complete e-KYC, either through your AADHAR and PAN number verification or by the AlgoIQ-OCR module.

Why you should choose AlgoIQ e-KYC?


Using AlgoIQ e-KYC, the hassles and the delays of document attestations and other verification are brought to a minimum. Thereby ensuring faster processing and issuance of Digital Signature Certificate.

We provide services to and manages data for the following processes with client master:


  • Joint holder account opening 

  • Minor Account opening 

  • NRI account opening

  • Adding Nominee 

  • e-Sign

  • Aadhar and PAN verification

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