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Online KYC

Want to reduce the cost of KYC process?Here we are to help you with AlgoIQ’s online KYC solutions. 

Online KYC with AlgoIQ

Algoiq eKYC has become the trusted brand in the eKYC domain. Our continuous efforts to keep upgrading the software from technical, compliance and security front, makes Algoiq eKYC, the most advanced and user friendly solution.

AlgoIQ offers the most advanced and user-friendly eKYC solution. 

Verification can be done through

We also offer Mini KYC


Digitize your KYC verification process by using the best Video KYC software solution to deliver an effortless customer experience while ensuring quicker KYC completion at a lower cost and higher customer satisfaction. This is a Compliant & Approved ID Verification Solution.

Welcome Desk

AlgoIQ Administrator monitors:

  • Organization level account opening

  • Application Approval

  • KYC verification

  • User management


Also configures the process flow as per the business requirements.

Scrutiny Module

Browser based Interface for KYC Verification team that provides automated API based data verification.

AlgoIQ improves the overall organization level KYC Compliance mitigation as per latest regulations.

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